Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Professional Portfolio

Plaxo and Linkedin really reminded me of Facebook and MySpace. They were more focused on connecting with people in your work place or industry of work, but I still had the same feeling when I was looking around the options of the sites. My advise would be, pick the one that you are most comfortable with (MySpace, Facebook, Plaxo or Linkedin) and go with it. I feel that they all have the same capabilities, just some are more sophisticated then others.

The google sites was pretty interesting. I like the fact that you can set up a portfolio online and share it with others. Much better than mailing, emailing or faxing your information over to someone. Plus you can get creative with the set up and the way the information is displayed. I think I will find this useful in the future.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Library Thing

Another fun tool. Allows you to interact with people that have the same interest in books. I could see this being really useful when it comes to a new classroom text book. Maybe interacting with other teachers that have used the book and discussing likes and dislikes.

Image Generator

Pretty fun tool to play around with. Easy to use and easy to save images. Something to introduce to our athletes that help run our website.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I used to search for a podcast of interest. The website is very easy to use and the search process was easy to conduct. The podcast that I found was on exercising and it discusses ways to include exercise in your life and what is best for each individual.

I still like using ITunes the most because I have an account and I can add it to my IPod or IPhone and carry it around with me.

Steroids - Bad Idea!!

YouTube - Thumbs Up

The video I chose to share is about a vice principal in our district (was a fellow teacher at Stagg a few years ago) that won a gold medal in the 1988 Olympics. Great athlete!! Thought it was relevant to both our KIN710 class and our KIN730 class since we are all working on our interviews.

I really enjoy YouTube. I have used it before for my classroom, mainly for my Drivers Education class. There is a lot of useful videos that relate to car crashes and vehicle safety. I have also used it for my health class to show clips related to obesity and weight management. I've been able to find clips of specials that I saw on TV and I really wanted a copy of, but instead of requesting a copy of the whole video I just go on YouTube and show the clips I find. It really allows me to keep current information in my class because some of the videos we have in health and drivers education are pretty old.

I guess the only downside to YouTube is that anyone can post on their site. There is some really bad stuff on there that serves no purpose. Like everything though, you take the good with the bad. Overall entertainment and educational use is a big thumbs up!!

Technorati Visit

Didn't find the Technorati site that valuable. Actually I had a hard time finding useful information when I searched the term "Kinesiology". The general search and the video search really didn't benefit me with useful info, but the blog search did. Not sure if I was completing the activity correctly or not. Out of all the sites we've visited I would rate this one towards the bottom in regards to usefulness. - Yes or No?

After visiting and searching around the website I can definitely see the advantages. I was just sorting through my favorites on my computer yesterday and I was thinking about what a waste of time. I had a lot of website saved that I didn't even use anymore or I couldn't remember why I saved them. Not only can help me with my research projects for this program, but I think it could really help organize my teaching websites and my bookmark list as a whole. Being able to add "tags" to each site will also remind me of why I added that particular site and it will help me sort through my websites faster when I am looking for something specific.

I knew there was more uses for the Internet rather than just checking sports scores!!