Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tech Professional

Well I'm far from a professional, but I have to admit I am very excited about some of the new things I have been introduced to through our masters class. I'm still trying to figure out how I can apply it to my profession because I am still getting used to it.

I would have to say, I am finding it tough to figure out how to implement Twitter and Facebook into my profession or my classroom, but the podcast idea and the introduction to blogging I am thinking will become useful. I have already been talking to my assistant coaches about setting up a weekly podcast about our basketball program that people can subscribe to. I've also been thinking about introducing to my health class. Of course I would have to monitor the activity, but I think if we completed the beginning of the activity together in the computer lab it could work.

Overall I am having a great time learning!! Frustrating sometimes because we are dealing with technology and at some point it always finds a way to mess up, but I have gotten past that.

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